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On the shoulders of giants

Čuvar means guardian in Croatian. We celebrate the legends who helped establish the New Zealand Wine industry with eyes set on a new horizon, a future of growing and crafting that is diverse, sustainable and authentic.

We create fine wine experiences for today’s kind of connoisseurs. Those who love wine for its shareability and the connection that comes with it.

Our collections

We let nature take the lead. The character of our wines is shaped by site and season, with gentle coaxing from our winemakers into beautifully drinkable wines we’re proud to share.

Our vineyards

Great wine can only come from great vineyards. Sir George and his team use a blend of insight and intuition to pick the best grape growing sites to produce distinctive varieties for world-renowned wines.

Our home

We’re founded on a heritage of good food, great wine and excellent company. At Čuvar’s new winery site we are creating a home and heart, where we can explore the future of our craft and share our contemporary take on epicurean traditions and wine culture.